Whole Hearted Medicine 

So it makes sense that I have 2 businesses which I run with 2 other beautiful doctors.
Real Life Medicine is with Dr Mary Barson and helps women reverse their chronic disease through weight loss and lifestyle changes. 
Whole Hearted Medicine is with Dr Emily Amos and helps doctors with self care so they can continue to care for others.

If you’d asked me at the start of my training, is this what I’d be doing, then my answer would have been "Hell no!". I wanted to do emergency medicine but I soon learnt, I like to talk! I can’t do 10 minute Medicine. I need to know more about each person. 

It is ok not to know your path early on. It’s ok to try different things and see what fits. 

If it doesn’t fit, it’s not a failure. It is clichéd but life is certainly a journey with many forks in the road, chance encounters and opportunities. 

Jump in whole heartedly and if it fits- wonderful. If not cross it off your list and move on. Mistakes are part of learning. Wisdom comes with experience.


After the process of facing my own battle with burnout and searching for a way to combine my love of education with a desire to help others, I founded the resource hub and blog The Healers Health Collective seeking to be of service to colleagues who may at some point also find themselves on the path towards burnout. I also use my breadth of experience in holistic self care and wellbeing practices as well as a comprehensive understanding of the science of behaviour change to teach the concept of Basic Life Support Self Care™ in workshop format to hospitals, health services and workplaces. Now joyfully embracing my interest in the "art and humanity of medicine" by doctors find clarity, stillness and balance in their personal and professional lives through my small group training in mindfulness and self compassion for health professionals . I also continue to use my skills and training in breastfeeding medicine and mindfulness to provide mindfulness based breastfeeding, newborn care and parental wellbeing education to new parents via my MORE THAN MILK online courses.

In a truly 'portfolio career' centred around the practice and teaching of mindfulness, I continue to work as a surgical assistant as well as teaching medical students mindfulness, self care and behaviour change at Monash University as part of the acclaimed 'Health Enhancement Program' run by mindfulness expert Associate Professor Craig Hassed. 


Established by General Practitioners Dr Emily Amos and Dr Lucy Burns, Whole Hearted Medicine provides mindfulness and self care education to doctors in a warm and relaxing retreat environment. Through a structured program of education seminars, interactive workshops and guided yoga/meditation & breath work sessions the goal is to provide time for personal reflection on health and wellbeing in all clinicians who attend.

We aim to help doctors tap into their sense of self awareness which in turn helps them be better able to identify and manage feelings of burnout in themselves and others. As an organisation we hope to lead the path towards a more holistic and proactive role in maintaining the wellbeing of doctors and all healthcare providers, not only ensuring their own personal feelings of fulfilment but also their professional longevity in an often demanding profession.

I’m a doctor, wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. 
My medical career has taken many twists and turns. I have now found my place. 
Lifestyle medicine is what brings me joy. 
Coaching and counselling light my fire. 
Connecting and collaborating. 

I am a passionate teacher of all things mindfulness.
As a General Practitioner, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, 200hr yoga teacher, university tutor and mindfulness teacher I've tried to find unique ways to teach these skills to a variety of audiences. Being able to offer these teachings in retreat format via Whole Hearted Medicine has been a passion for both Lucy and I, and I feel so fortunate to be able to do this with such a likeminded colleague.